Friday, 7 October 2011

John Pickard positively identified as the ghostly man in the stable block!

John Pickard (1823-1897)

I found this photo of John Pickard on the internet this week. He has a small beard but no moustache in the photo, but he may have grown one at some time during his life. Elaine showed her son the photo and asked if he recognised him. He said that although he doesn't have a moustache, which he did when Rory saw him in the stable block recently, he is convinced that it is the same man. I spoke to him this evening and asked him to describe in detail what the man was wearing. He told me that he was wearing a shirt and waistcoat with a cravat at the neck. He had dark trousers and long boots. He was carrying what looked like a jacket over his arm. He said that he had old fashioned clothing.

John Pickard has been seen in the stables before by a visitor who described him to Sheila, the shop manager at the time. She showed him the photo of John Pickard and the man confirmed that it was him. When Sheila told the visitor that he had been dead for over 100 years he was very surprised! He must have been happy working at Penrhyn for 52 years of service, and perhaps he likes to come back now and again to check on how things are being run in his absence!

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