Sunday, 30 September 2012

Mysterious flying sign!

The exhibition in the Gallery

I went to the castle this afternoon to collect some of my paintings which have been on display in the Gallery in an exhibition for the past two weeks. While I was there I was told about a strange occurrence which took place this afternoon. Two of the ladies manning the exhibition were talking while there were no visitors, when suddenly the sign on the doorway of the gallery was ripped off the frame and thrown across the room! They said that it really made them jump. They looked around the area to check if anyone was there but there was nobody about. When they were telling me about it one of the ladies tried to pull the sign off the door frame to demonstrate what had happened. It took quite a bit of tugging to get it off as it was held firmly in place with Blu-tack. She said that if it had fallen off by itself it would have landed on the floor by the door, not halfway across the room! They said that it could not have been a draft as there were no open doors or windows in the area. Very spooky. Perhaps the grey lady who was seen recently on the Gallery stairs was trying to help dismantle the exhibition. I will definitely be watching out for any other signs of ghostly activity in the area. Watch this space!

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biggav2202 said...

Sounds spooky, have you tried sending an email? they would probably like to put this story on their website.