Sunday, 23 September 2012

Mischievous ghost in the shop

Last Friday evening I attended a retirement party for the head gardener at Penrhyn Castle who is leaving on Friday after 33 years. I spoke to a lady who works in the National Trust shop, as someone mentioned to me that she had recently had a supernatural experience there. I asked her what had happened and she explained that last Thursday she had been working in the shop, which was empty, when a lady customer walked through the door. As the lady passed a shelf near the door a book jumped up off the display book rest and landed on the floor. The book rest was still standing on the shelf. She asked the visitor if she was all right and the lady asked her whether there were any ghosts in the shop? She replied that we think there are. The lady explained that she has had similar strange experiences whenever she visits anywhere haunted. She thinks that she attracts them! She had been in a tea room in Conwy recently when a door opened and closed in front of her without anyone being there. She asked the tea room manager whether it was haunted and they replied that it was. She told them that the ghost had just walked through the door!

The shop assistant at Penrhyn told me that the same thing happened with another book later that same day when another customer was in the shop. She saw the books jump up off their book rests and lift up in the air before landing on the floor. If they had simply fallen down then the book rests, which are made of light plastic, would have fallen with them. She is convinced that someone lifted the books up and dropped them on the floor. I told her about the other stories involving things being placed on the floor of the shop when the manager has opened up in the morning. That has happened on several occasions to two shop managers who I have spoken to. If the things had fallen down they would either have broken (in the case of glass bottles), or been in a crumpled heap, (such as tea towels which have been found neatly folded in the middle of the floor)! Very strange goings-on indeed!

Has anyone reading this had a similar experience? I would love to hear your stories. Please comment on the blog and share your own ghostly encounters with other readers. Thanks.

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