Sunday, 23 September 2012

Man's voice heard in Lord Penrhyn's Sitting Room

We have an exhibition at Penrhyn Castle for two weeks called "Penrhyn's Got Talent". It is an opportunity for staff and volunteers to show and sell some of their art and crafts. There is some excellent work on display. I was manning the gallery last week with one of the other artists who is a room steward. She told me that recently she was standing in Lord Penrhyn's Sitting Room at about 4pm when the castle was very quiet and there were no visitors in the room. She heard an older man's voice saying "Owen, Owen," with a strong Welsh accent. She wondered who it could be, as there was nobody in the room. She went out of the room and looked in the corridor outside, but no visitors were there. She walked down the stairs from the Keep to the Grand Hall, which is quite a distance, but there was nobody around at all. It would be very difficult to hear anyone speaking from the Grand Hall to Lord Penrhyn's Sitting Room.

She was convinced that the voice was just outside the door. She has often heard sounds in the room when she has been there alone as a room steward. She said that they are sounds of someone working, such as putting things down on the desk. The room next to the Sitting Room is the Valet's room which can only be viewed from the sitting room. There is no other access to the room, only one door in and out. A visitor could not have moved fast enough to get back down the stairs before the steward went to look. She said that she is not scared if she hears anything. It feels very peaceful in the room. I will let you know if she hears anything else in there. Watch this space!

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