Thursday, 11 July 2013

Ghosts seen on photo of servants corridor

Today I was at Penrhyn for a recruitment meeting for prospective volunteers. I was very excited to be told when I arrived that an email had been received by the office with photos of ghosts taken in the servants corridor in the house. After the meeting I looked at the photos and was amazed at what I saw. Later I contacted the lady who took the photos to ask permission to use the story and photos on my blog and she told me more about what happened. She said that when she was taking the photo she had an uncomfortable feeling, as though she was being watched. This is what she said in the email:

Dear Penrhyn,

I am writing this email as myself, my partner and two friends, recently visited the castle. Having never been before I did not expect it to be of such a magnitude in terms of size. It was fantastic!

I took approx. 287 pictures as the building is amazing. Anyway to cut to the chase, I have an image which may interest you. In an archway in one of the corridors (I believe as you head towards the kitchen areas) I took a picture of my partner through my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone (No flash). What I caught on this image is astounding!! I have asked people to look at the photo and tell me what they see and so far everyone has commented on the same thing which I spotted. Straight away I knew this was no trick of the light, this was genuine and whilst exciting it was also very very daunting.

I won't tell you what is on the image, I shall let you see for yourself. These are two photos, both with a clear orb at different positions, but this is not all. You will need to download the picture to zoom in.

I shall be revisiting again!

Kind regards


Lona also put a comment on one of my other blogs:
Hi, I visited Penrhyn Castle on Sunday 30th June and I have to say I was in awe of the whole building. As a usual visitor I took plenty of pictures and felt nervous in the dark doorways and the black abyss under the main staircase. Whilst walking towards the kitchen etc, we came across a long dark corridor, I asked my partner to go to the end so I could take a picture and when reviewing the picture there appears to be what can only be described as a green orb on the floor. This happens in two pictures and appears to move slightly from one picture to the next. Also, I have another picture from which I believe to be from the room before the Ebony room which looks like a blue glow between a sofa and the floor. Would Penrhyn ever consider Paranormal investigations like those at Bodelwyddan? 

Here is the photo which Lona took in the corridor. She has used a filter to make it clearer in the photo on the right. What do you see?


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid if you look hard enough at any picture you will be able to see something that could be classed as an orb, make out a face, etc... Just like you can by looking at clouds.

There are no Ghosts in Penrhyn Castle. Lord Penrhyn doesn't roam the corridors at night, the Old Housemaid isn't standing in the Hallway and Lady Alice isn't haunting the bedroom.

The only ghosts in Penrhyn Castle are memories and people's imagination.

Leave the dead be...

Jasons Mum said...

You are entitled to your opinion. I have interviewed people just after they have had a ghostly encounter at the castle and they are in no doubt as to what they have seen, heard or felt there. I hope you will come to visit the castle soon. Maybe you will have your own ghostly encounter? If you do, please let me know!

Anonymous said...

leave the dead be...we dont know for sure if penrhyn castle is haunted. but if suff has been seen on more than 7 occations it must be true that its haunted. it was a very spooky pic but i cant see anything. its still scary though

Jasons Mum said...

If you look very closely at the photo on either side of the man's head you will see the faces. Glad you like the stories. I just write them down as people tell me or send me photos. I do not go ghost hunting! I haven't seen any at Penrhyn myself yet. Thanks for all your comments.

Anonymous said...

Ghosts don't wear jeans.

Anonymous said...

I have visited several times over the years and always felt a presence here and there .. I too have taken some photos in lord penrhyn's room where I caught a steak of light going I all directions ! I was aware of this light and could see it with the bare eye as I took them ! I shall continue to visit the castle as I love the place

Anonymous said...

look behind the mans head i can see 2 faces...fascinating... i have booked 31st.oct. at castle....cant wait!!

Anonymous said...

There are many explanation for this image. Some may believe that it is indeed a ghost/spirit/apparition however there is a completely natural explanation that may or may not mean the image was a hoax. The illusion of a transparency can be caused by decreasing the shutter speed, this allows more light in usually, but if done right someone can stand in the frame for the first click and if they time it right they can step out of the frame and the photo will show them as transparent. Seeing as this image is taken at the end of a hallway just where it turns off in another direction it wouldn't surprise me at all if this is what someone has done. I have also been to Prenrhyn myself and have not experienced anything paranormal however I do like the idea!
Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

I can assure you this is not a hoax or in any way manipulated other than making the image purple as a comparison to try and highlight what we saw in the original (which you also can see). It was taken on a normal digital camera and was only spotted when going through the pics at home. I should know, I took the picture!