Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Another sighting of the man in the Dinorwic carriage?

David, the Manager of the Railway Museum, spoke to me yesterday and told me that Dafydd, a Railway engineer, had told him about an interesting experience which happened to him on Saturday. I spoke to Dafydd today and asked him what had happened. He said that he was working on one of the engines in the museum and a family came in to see the trains. They were looking at the Dinorwic carriage which used to transport the slate quarry officials and owners, and is very plush inside. The family had a young boy with them who suddenly pointed into the carriage and said something like, "There he is again!" He also said, "He's looking down now." Dafydd looked around quickly to see if he could catch the ghost, but when he looked it had gone. I wish I could have spoken to the family to ask what the boy had seen in the carriage and if it was the same boy who had been startled by the man in the carriage some time ago.

I took this photo of inside the Dinorwic Carriage a few months ago. It looks as though there may be someone sitting in the left hand chair.


Anonymous said...

i cant see anything. but i know penrhyn is haunted for sure

Anonymous said...

i have looked at this photo a few times now and always concentrated on the chair but if you look at the "mist" as a whole it looks like someone is attempting to put their hand over the camera