Friday, 20 May 2011

The Creepy Corridor

Today I spoke to Louise who cleans the cloakrooms in the Learning and Communications department. She started working at Penrhyn Castle a couple of months ago and I had not really spoken to her properly before. I asked her whether she has ever had any unusual experiences whilst doing her job at the castle. She cleans all the cloakrooms in the building. She told me that she has not seen anything yet but she has felt something strange. I asked her where she had felt it and it was on our corridor! She said that when she comes to clean at the weekends when the department is empty she often feels as though there is someone standing behind her, watching her. She told me that she often has to stop and turn around to see if anyone is actually there. I explained that I am collecting ghost stories about Penrhyn Castle for a book and she will let me know if anything else happens to her, or if she sees anything. I will keep you posted!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I visited Penrhyn Castle on Sunday 30th June and I have to say I was in awe of the whole building. As a usual visitor I took plenty of pictures and felt nervous in the dark doorways and the black abyss under the main staircase. Whilst walking towards the kitchen etc, we came across a long dark corridor, I asked my partner to go to the end so I could take a picture and when reviewing the picture there appears to be what can only be described as a green orb on the floor. This happens in two pictures and appears to move slightly from one picture to the next. Also, I have another picture from which I believe to be from the room before the Ebony room which looks like a blue glow between a sofa and the floor. Would Penrhyn ever consider Paranormal investigations like those at Bodelwyddan?