Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Running boy ghost seen again yesterday

When I arrived at Penrhyn Castle this morning I was greeted by Dafydd who works in the Railway Museum. He told me that yesterday he saw a young boy running away from him in the coach house area of the Railway Museum. He has not seen him for a long time. He has appeared to him about five times now. Dafydd told me that he was very real to him, "not like a puff of smoke". He saw him very clearly, in exactly the same way that he has seen him before. He wonders whether there is anything significant about the date when he appeared and will keep a note of it in his diary, in case it happens again the same time next year. I wish I could find out who he is and what happened to him in the coach house which would make him want to run away. Dafydd said that he is leaning forwards as he runs as though he is in a hurry to get away from someone or something. Very interesting.