Thursday, 6 June 2013

Ghostly apparition caught on camera in the Nursery Bedroom!

Today I was told about a very interesting ghostly encounter which happened a couple of weeks ago. A woman visitor was on a private tour of the family rooms at Penrhyn Castle with a group of people before the castle was opened for the public. She was standing in the corridor in the Keep by the door of the Nursery bedroom and she took a photo of the room looking towards the fireplace. She checked the image on the camera screen and could see a white shape which completely obscured a teddy bear. She wondered what it was and immediately took another photo of the same view. When she looked at the camera screen again the white shape had disappeared! I hope that she will read this blog and submit her photo for inclusion with this story.

I also heard another story today from one of the visitor services team. She said that she was in the Servants' Hall before it was made into the National Trust shop a few months ago. A woman came into the room at the end of her tour of the castle saying very loudly, "He doesn't like it at all you know!" The Visitor Services Assistant asked what was wrong and the lady explained that she had seen a man near the Keep bedrooms who said he was Lord Penrhyn. He was very unhappy about other people interfering with his property!

The other story I heard this week was from one of our conservation team. He said that last week a woman come to the castle and said that she had never been there before but she felt as though she knew every part of the building, as though she had once lived there. Her son came over to her as she was talking and apparently he looked exactly like Richard Douglas Pennant, son of Lady Janet Douglas Pennant who gave the castle to the National Trust in 1951. Several people have commented to me on the likeness between the man and Richard. Very strange!

I always wonder what stories I will hear next whenever I am working at the castle. I have had some more copies of the ghost guide book printed today and I hope that more people will buy it and take an interest in the supernatural goings-on there. It is such a busy castle with ghosts seemingly popping up all over the place. I haven't actually seen one myself yet but I keep hoping that I will meet one. I will keep you posted!

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Amy s said...

Hello, I found this fascinating as I visited the castle yesterday and was enchanted by it. The room steward, a lovely man who showed us the spiral staircase behind the door beside Alice's bedroom told us of her love story and we were very touched. A writer of stories and poetry I found myself instantly inspired by it and I have resolved to write a short story from Alice's perspective. I found this blog whilst attempting to research into the family, and as a believer in the supernatural it obviously attracted my attention. This has certainly given me a few things to think about in my writing! So thank you!