Saturday, 13 December 2014

Ghostly skirt sighting in the Keep

I was talking to one of the room stewards this week when I was at the castle for the volunteers Christmas dinner. I had not see her for a while and had heard that she had experienced something strange in the Keep a few weeks ago. Several people had mentioned it to me, so I was very pleased to see her and hear her story. I always try to speak directly to people who have had a ghostly encounter so that I get the story in their own words.

She told me that she had been standing in the corridor near the Nursery Bedroom which used to be Alice Douglas Pennant's room. She was on duty as a room steward that day. She had her back to the King's Bedroom and was looking through the door of the Slate Bedroom, so that she could see if any visitors came into any of the rooms in that area. She suddenly saw someone walking up the corridor towards her wearing a long cream coloured skirt with ridges on it.  She noticed that it was an Edwardian style skirt. As the lady went past her the skirt swished as she walked. The room steward looked up to speak to her and realised that there was nobody there. She looked in all the bedrooms in the Keep but there was no other person around. She was adamant that she had seen the long skirt and was aware of the lady walking towards her. She seemed completely real to her. She said that the experience was not frightening at all, but was so vivid that it stayed with her for about three weeks afterwards.

Alice Douglas Pennant (1862-1939)

I wonder if this could have been the Honourable Lady Alice Douglas Pennant whose bedroom was in the Nursery Room next door and who has been sensed and seen in the room many times by different people over the years?


Anonymous said...

I visited today with my boyfriend. I was stood in this same corridor and saw the a flash of movement at the end of the corridor of what I believed to be a woman going from one room to the opposite room; I would describe her skirt as Edwardian and 'ruffled' at the bottom but it seemed unusually long for the era and draped on the floor. When we walked down to view this room there was nobody in the room. I still have no idea what made me turn around to view her. Being a biologist (PhD student) I am quick to say I do not believe in paranormal activity, but reading this post has made the hair on my arms stand up.

kathylou said...

I visted the castle on sunday 7th september sunday gone i senced somethink in the room so decided to video on looking at the video the was a arm of a lady with a riffle sleeve with what looked like a hankercheif in her hand i have just contacted the castle about this

Jasons Mum said...

Fascinating stories! Thank you for sharing them on here. I would love to see the video. Is there any way of uploading it to this blog?

Tee Hew said...

ive just recently visited the castle and took a number of pictures and see quite a few spirits all around the castle would love to visit again one day and film aswell as taking photos

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