Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Curious incident of the Penrhyn Castle pass key

I was told yet another fascinating story last week by a conservation volunteer. He told me that he had taken one of the big, old Penrhyn Castle pass keys to a key cutting shop in Llandudno to see if it could be silver soldered. He said that it had been in his pocket so it was warm. When he handed it to the lady behind the counter she held it for a couple of seconds then dropped it onto the counter. She said it sent cold shivers down her spine, even though she said it was warm to the touch. She had no idea where it was from. He said he would find out whether it is an original keep or a modern copy. He spoke to me on Friday last week and told me that he had spoken to the House Steward who said that it is an old key, but probably not original. It may be an early copy from when the National Trust first took over the castle in 1951.

I would be very interested in speaking to the lady to ask what she experienced when she touched the key. Next time I go to Llandudno I may go into the key cutting shop and talk to her about it.

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