Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Poltergeist activity in the National Trust shop

The book room

Yesterday I was volunteering at Penrhyn Castle as a Room Guide in the keep bedrooms. Afterwards I spoke to the supervisor of the National Trust shop. She told me that some strange things have been happening in the room next to the Servants Hall, where there are bookshelves and a comfortable seating area. She said that books have been appearing on the floor which belong on the shelf opposite the door into the Servants Hall. It is usually a children's colouring book. It appears on the floor on the other side of the room before the shop is open and usually happens in the morning. She hasn't seen one flying across the room yet but is on the lookout for any strange goings-on.

The colouring book
I spoke to one of the shop assistants about the flying book last week and she said that she has found it on the floor too. She also told me that she saw someone walk through a door which leads through a small side room onto the bell corridor before the shop was open a few days ago. She said that she saw them out of the corner of her eye when she was near the till. She went to see who it was and found that the door to the corridor was still locked and that nobody was there. She reminded me of the incident last year when a musical birthday card went off by itself on the stand when she was in the shop, and when the CD player suddenly went very loud and nobody was near it. Very strange! I would be interested in any comments, especially if you have had any similar experiences at Penrhyn Castle.


Miranda said...


I believe the shop is near where the Old Pottery once was. I worked in the pottery when I was 15... I am now 62 ! The lady that ran the pottery had a small flat there and she told me there was activity in that area . Things being moved etc. I hope this helps ?

Caroline S said...

Interesting! Thanks. I have had a story about the pottery before. If you look through my blog posts you will find it in one of the comments.