Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Is something ghostly lurking in the State Bedroom?

Today I did a tour of the castle with some friends who had not been there before. One of them is originally from Jamaica. He is very sensitive to all things supernatural, something I was not aware of until after I started the tour of the house. He was enjoying looking at all the beautiful rooms and fine furniture until we went up the Grand Staircase and I walked into the State Bedroom. I carried on talking about the room when I realised that the rest of my group had not followed me in. I turned to see what the delay was and they were gathered around him looking anxious. My other friend said that he would not go into the room because he had a bad feeling about it. He was moving backwards away from the door to the room and looked quite scared. I asked what he was experiencing and he explained that there was a feeling of darkness, of decay and death as he approached the doorway. He said that there was a strange smell, which he described as being like "old hospitals". He said that he usually smells it when there is a spirit nearby. He did not like the feeling coming from the room and was anxious to move away from the area as quickly as possible. I explained about the hand painted Chinese wallpaper and use of the rooms, then we went to the Grand Hall Gallery.

He did not mention anything else untoward until we left the Keep bedrooms and went back along the gallery. He stopped outside a locked door and asked me what was behind the door. I told him that it was either the curtain store or carpet store. It is a suite of rooms including a bedroom and dressing room. I have been in it before, but not for a few years, so I was not quite sure which room it was. It is not open to the public. He said that he had the same feeling of death and the strange smell he had experienced by the door to the State Bedroom, but it was not as strong. I could not smell anything unusual in either area.

After our tour of the house we were walking past the Stable Block and I pointed out the Industrial Railway Museum through the entrance doors. He said that he could feel something in the entrance and knew that there was a spirit in that area.

After we left Penrhyn Castle to go to a meeting in Bangor he had to leave the room to have a sleep. He said that the ghostly encounters had left him feeling very tired and that he had a headache. He is often asked to get rid of spirit from people's homes. He said that he calls on angels to escort the spirits away. I asked him to leave the Penrhyn Ghosts where they are for now, as I would still like to meet one myself!

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