Friday, 24 August 2012

Gentleman ghost seen in Keep bedroom

Yesterday I was volunteering at a Cowboys and Indians Fun Day at Penrhyn Castle. I had to sign in as a volunteer in the Stewards' room in the castle. I asked a couple of the stewards if they had heard any ghost stories recently, as I still need stories for the Dining Room and the State Bedroom to complete my Ghost Tour booklet. The Head Steward told me that recently a visitor asked him who the man in the old fashioned dress suit was? He had encountered him in one of the Keep bedrooms. The Head Steward was mystified as to who it could be, so he went with him to investigate the sighting. When the man took him back into the bedroom there was nobody of that description in there. If it had been a live person they would have had to walk past the Room Steward on their way out of the bedroom along the Grand Hall Gallery. Nobody dressed like that had been seen. I wonder who it was? I will keep my eyes and ears open when I am next in the Keep. I hope that I will see one of the ghosts myself, but so far they have been avoiding me!

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