Saturday, 29 September 2012

Grey lady seen on stairs

Yesterday I went to the castle with a friend who is very psychic. I asked her to walk up the stairs to the gallery and tell me if she felt anything there. She walked up to the place where the member of staff had reported seeing a grey shape a couple of weeks ago. She told me that there was a woman standing on the stairs wearing a grey dress. She said that the dress had a high neck and a row of black buttons down the front of it. The waist came down into a point at the front. She was quite tall and was standing very straight with her hands clasped in front of her. I went to the office and spoke to the lady who had seen the grey shape and introduced her to my friend. When she explained what she could see on the stairs to the secretary she said that it fitted in exactly with what she had seen, although she couldn't make out the details.

I spoke to the manager of the Industrial railway museum yesterday morning. He asked me if I had ever heard of a "brindle coloured" dog being seen in the museum. I had only heard stories of dogs being seen in the Slate bedroom and in the Ice Tower, but not in the Stable area. He told me that a visitor had reported a dog running loose in the museum to the staff. It had been seen running next to the Fire Queen engine. The staff checked all around the museum but no dog was found in the area. Visitors who bring their dogs have to keep them on a lead at all times.

I am hopefully getting a graphic designer to help me with the layout of my Ghosts of Penrhyn Castle booklet, which I am hoping to have ready for sale by Dark Happenings week at the end of October. I will let you know when it is available. It will hopefully be on sale in the National Trust shop at Penrhyn Castle. I will be giving a guided ghost tour of the house at night on Saturday 27th October. Please phone the castle if you are interested in coming on the tour. (01248 353084) Last year's tour was very eventful with a white shape being seen by a visitor drifting across the King's bedroom and a pebble being dropped at our feet on the Grand Hall Gallery! I wonder what will happen this year?

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