Friday, 26 October 2012

Ghost Tour of Penrhyn Castle booklet is now available!

Today I printed some copies of the Penrhyn Castle Ghost Tour booklet which will be sold at the reception desk in the castle from Monday 29th October. There are a lot of Dark Happenings activities during the week for Halloween. I am thrilled to have it completed and ready to sell and I hope that people will be interested enough to want to come and buy it! It is designed to take around the castle to read about the ghosts room by room as visitors do the tour. I hope that some of my readers will be able to come and see the rooms I have described and told stories about for themselves. I hope that people will tell me new stories about experiences they have had at the castle to add to this blog and for the book I plan to write in the near future.

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mt said...

We are all very proud and looking forward to it!
Well done!