Thursday, 13 December 2012

Grumpy Grand Hall ghost!

Last Thursday I was playing Lady Penrhyn in the Library at the castle for the schools Christmas hands-on programme. The children came into the library with Wilson the butler, played by my friend's husband, with some of the volunteer helpers and school teachers. My friend (who works in the Learning Department) was late coming down to the Library and she decided that rather than walk all around the Grand Hall on the carpet she would save time by cutting across the middle of the room. She said that when she walked into the Grand Hall she felt very uneasy, as though she was being watched. She looked up at the Grand Hall Gallery but could not see anyone, and it was very quiet. She was dressed as a housemaid in a high necked black long sleeved blouse, long black skirt, white apron and lace cap. As she crossed the stone floor she heard a gruff man's voice, which seemed to be directed at her. She could not make out any words clearly as the voice was muffled, but felt as though she was being reprimanded for crossing the middle of the room, rather than going around the edge. She looked up at the gallery above the Grand Hall but could not see anyone there. She scurried to the Library door and tried to turn the large brass handle, feeling very spooked! She was very relieved when the door handle eventually turned and she was able to slip into the back of the room, where I was talking to the school children about the Christmas parties which used to be held at Penrhyn in Victorian times.

I did not know about this incident until a couple of days ago when we were at Bodysgallen Hall near Llandudno where we had our Volunteers and Staff Christmas lunch. She was convinced that it was not her imagination and that someone or something did call out to her. I will speak to the Conservators later as I am at the castle playing Lady Penrhyn in the Library for the last time this season today. I will ask if any of them was playing a trick on her. When I spoke to them last Thursday they were all downstairs in the Breakfast Room cleaning picture frames, so it is unlikely that they would have been upstairs when my friend walked across the Grand Hall. I will report back on here when I have grilled them!

                     Me as Lady Penrhyn in the Library with Wilson my butler

I spoke to the conservators this morning and they confirmed that they did not go into the Grand Hall last Thursday as they were busy working on  the picture frames in the Breakfast Room. They did not make any noises as they were aware that a school visit was taking place and did not want to disturb the children. I also spoke to my psychic friend today and she was certain that it was the last Lord Penrhyn, as she has also heard a similar sound whenever she she seen him in the castle. She said it is as though he is clearing his throat, which is how my other friend described it when she heard the noise last week. One of the conservators has a photo which he took of the Grand Stairs. It apparently shows an orb floating up the stairs. He has promised to email it to me so that I can put it on here. Sounds very interesting!

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