Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Spooky orbs captured on photo of the Grand Staircase

Today I received a copy of a photo taken by one of the conservators at Penrhyn Castle which appears to show two light orbs on the Grand Staircase. He showed me several photos taken at the same time which clearly showed orbs in different places on the photos. I would be very interested to hear what people think they could be. Please leave a comment below. Thanks.

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Amy s said...

This is curious, I must agree that it is strange and calls to mind a similar incident, my sister lived next door to my nan and a saw a very similar light at the window one night, my nan however was in hospital and no one was home. The interesting thing was that moments before she swears she saw the figure of my six years dead grandfather, jumping she looked away and when she looked back a light similar to this was seen. This blog is fascinating and giving me plenty of ideas for my short story :)