Sunday, 27 March 2011

A spooky cold spot in Lord Penrhyn's Sitting room

On Thursday last week I was asked to take a group of secondary school teachers around the castle. It was the first time most of them had visited Penrhyn. I took them to see the newly opened Lord Penrhyn's Sitting Room. One of the room stewards was a lady who helped to get the room cleaned and ready for opening to the public with me a couple of months ago. She spotted me as I came into the room with the teachers. After I had explained to them what the room was used for, she came over to me and asked me to walk along the floor between the settee and the huge marble fireplace. She said that there was something she wanted to show me. I was obviously very curious and walked to where she had directed me. As I got near to the right side of the marble fireplace the air became noticeably colder. It was freezing! I stepped out of the cold area and felt warmer. I walked back into the same spot and felt cold again. She asked me what I could feel there. I said that it was very cold. She said that she had felt exactly the same thing in that spot. We both wondered if there could be a draught from the fireplace, but I dusted and hoovered the fireplace a few weeks ago and had not felt a draught. The chimney is closed. We both felt that perhaps there was someone in the room, whose presence could be felt by the coldness we experienced there. I will be asking other room stewards in Lord Penrhyn's Sitting Room if they have had any comments from visitors or other staff about similar feelings in that spot. The school teachers were very interested to know what was going on and I explained about the cold spot. Some of them were fascinated to hear about the ghosts. I hope they will read this blog and comment on the stories I have collected so far!

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