Saturday, 12 October 2013

Strange story from the National Trust shop

I heard a very strange story today by someone who works in the National Trust shop at Penrhyn Castle. The shop is now in the Servants hall in the house and so far I have not heard of any strange goings-on there until today. This is the story I was told:

 "I had a fright in the servants hall/gift shop today. One of the sounds greeting cards, the duck one, started quacking all on its own without being opened by anyone. When I went to fetch the card it stopped. I opened the card and it did not work at all. Spooky or what!?"

People have told me stories about sensing someone walking up behind them in that room and when they turned around to see who it was there was nobody there. This is the first story I have had about anything strange happening since the shop was relocated to the Servants Hall. The shop used to be in the stables and there were several strange incidents recorded there, such as door being locked with the shop manager inside and objects being lifted up off displays and dropped on the floor by an unseen hand. These incidents and others are in described some of my earlier posts.

Tickets for my Penrhyn Castle Ghost Tour on Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st October are on sale in the Visitor Reception hut in the lower car park. Please book up early as quite a few tickets have been sold already. Bring a torch and camera if you are coming. Please phone the castle for further information on 01248 353084. Hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

Blenheim palace appears to have a ghost in one of the upstairs rooms which are on a virtual reallity tour.. I was in the room with my family & part of a group when whilst standing near the corner of this dimly lit room I felt the back of my shirt being gently tugged & as nobody was behind me I wonder if I was being touched by another spirit ??

Jasons Mum said...

Interesting! Thanks for sharing your story. Please come to Penrhyn Castle and let me know if you experience anything similar there!