Friday, 29 April 2016

Spooky experience for shop assistant in office corridor

I attended the launch of the Artists in Residence project at the castle this week. I met up with one of the NT shop assistants at the event. She told me that she had a very scary experience the previous evening when she went upstairs to the offices above the stable block to find a laptop. She went into the room which used to be the Learning Department toys and games room. She could not find the laptop and turned towards the door to leave the room when she suddenly felt very uneasy. She said that she had called out when she first went up to the offices to see if anyone was around but the staff had all gone home. She went into the corridor and closed the office door behind her. As she started walking towards the end of the corridor to go down the stairs she heard a low growling sound behind her and something whooshed past between her and the noticeboard on the corridor wall. Her long hair blew out in front of her and all the notices pinned to the board flapped about as it rushed past. She did not see anything but was absolutely terrified. She ran to the stairs and down to the outside door into the courtyard. A Visitor Experience Assistant was coming towards the stairs to go up to the offices The shop assistant warned her not to go up there and told her what had just happened. She told me that she was dreading the next time she has to go up there to the offices after her terrifying encounter.

                                                   Office corridor above the stable block

I also spoke to one of the conservation team at the event and he had an interesting story for me too. He said that a couple of weeks ago one of the Lead Guides was about to lock the door to ground floor rooms of the Keep at the end of the day, when someone told them not to lock it as they had just seen two men go up the stairs towards Lord Penrhyn's sitting room. It was after the main entrance had been closed for visitors so they went to check who could be there. They did not find anyone. I wonder who it could have been? Possibly Lord Penrhyn and his valet? I am trying to find out exactly who saw the two men so that I can ask them for more details. I am very pleased that there are still ghostly sightings and spooky things going on at the castle, as I have not had any new stories for a few months.

Please let me know if you have had any experiences there or have any comments on the stories I have collected so far. Thanks.

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