Thursday, 24 November 2011

Ghostly Footsteps in the Scullery

Today I met a lady called Lindy who is working in the Victorian kitchens as a Winter Engagement Assistant. I asked her if she had felt anything or had any unusual experiences whilst working there. She has only been at Penrhyn for three weeks and she has already had several supernatural experiences! She said that she is quite sensitive to spirits. She explained that when she unlocks the kitchens in the morning she often feels a cold shiver down her spine and senses that she is being watched. She was sitting at the kitchen table two weeks ago when she heard footsteps coming down the stone stairs in the scullery from a locked door, which used to lead to the scullery maids' bedrooms. She looked through the doorway of the kitchen into the scullery but could not see anyone.

The same thing happened again yesterday. She told me that she was sitting at the table polishing some copper pans when she distinctly heard footsteps coming down the scullery stairs. She got up and went to investigate but there was nobody around and the door at the top of the stairs was locked as usual. Very mysterious! I wonder if any of the Victorian scullery maids are still around and if they are aware of us?

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