Monday, 14 November 2011

Mysterious raking sounds in the night

Whilst at Penrhyn Castle today I spoke to the son of the head gardener who lives in an apartment in the castle. I asked him if he had ever experienced anything supernatural there and he told me that sometimes in the night he hears the sound of gravel being raked near the Barbican Gate. He said that he knows what gravel being raked sounds like because he has worked with his father doing just that on many occasions over the years. He said that is sounds as though it is happening between the Barbican gate and the main entrance of the castle, which is near the windows of their apartment. He has never seen anything and there would definitely not be anyone outside raking in the dark. He has heard it on many occasions and is totally mystified as to who or what is causing the sounds. If it was a badger of another animal scratching the ground there would be some evidence in the morning, but he has not seen any disturbances on the gravel. Very mysterious!

Barbican Gate

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