Saturday, 24 March 2012

More sounds heard in the Victorian kitchens

Today I met a lady who used to work at the castle on the beach in Caernarfon. She is doing a research project for the National Trust at the Bangor University archives for her MA. We discussed the ghosts stories at Penrhyn and I mentioned the sounds which had been heard in the Victorian kitchens just before Christmas. She told me that a couple of years ago she was asked to get something from the archives at Penrhyn Castle, which are in the scullery maids bedrooms at the top of the scullery stairs. She went down to the kitchens and stood outside the door of the main kitchen with the keys ready to open the door. She said that she could hear noises inside the kitchen, which sounded like someone working in there. She was too frightened to go into the kitchen because she knew that nobody was working in the room, as it was locked up. She would have had to walk through the kitchen to get to the scullery to go upstairs to the archives. She said that she went back up to the office and made her excuses about not being able to get the file but didn't tell them why! She is the same lady who was locked in the Pickard room and has heard footsteps in the Learning and Communications corridor when nobody was there. She also saw something black go across the window in the door of the toilets in the L&C department, and when she looked down the corridor there was nobody there!

I have been investigating the possibility of  producing a booklet of some of the ghost stories I have collected so far, which could be used as a room by room guide for people who visit Penrhyn and are interested in ghosts. I would appreciate any feedback from people who read this Blog as to which stories I should include. It will hopefully be sold in the National Trust shop at the castle. If it sells well and there is enough interest in it, they may agree to have it published professionally. I still plan to write a book when I have enough information and stories, so if anyone reading this has had any spooky encounters at the castle please let me know via the comments on here. I look forward to hearing from you.

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