Wednesday, 27 March 2013

New ghostly experiences email received today!

Today I received an email from someone who used to work at Penrhyn Castle. He said, "I worked in the Castle in the early Seventies when there was a pottery in what is now the kitchen. I remember there was a series of servants bells along a very low corridor where we kept pots for sale.  At times the corridor and the kitchen area would become icy cold at any time of the day and I was always looking behind me as I got the feeling someone was with me. Often the hairs on the back of my neck would rise and I would rush to lock up and get away at night."

How interesting! I have replied to him and hope to hear some more details of his experiences soon. Please contact me if you have had an similar spooky experiences or feelings in the castle. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Interesting website...

I would just like to firstly say: I have never seen anything spooky or scary in Penrhyn Castle. It's a lovely place, full of history and now as a grown man I can fully appreciate its beauty.

However, a friend of mines grandmother did see something weird there or at least claimed to have…

During school holidays in the mid to late 1980s, myself, my friend Dave and his grandmother Edith, used to go for days out to Penrhyn Castle on a number of occasions and we used to picnic on the grass in the summer sun.

On the way home to Bethesda after one visit, his grandmother told us that the next time we wanted to go to the Castle, someone else would have to take us because something had upset her. Being a kid, I thought nothing of it and that was it.

A number years later, when I was in my early twenties. My friend Dave told me that his grandmother had claimed to have seen an apparition of a young woman standing at the bottom of the stairs and when she turned to call us to look it was gone. She said the woman was pale / white, with a blank look on her face and she was overcome with a feeling of sadness.

Apparently, over the years what she claimed to have seen that day, became a family joke and his grandmother was mocked for saying to the family that she would never step foot in the castle again, they’d refer about the woman as the ‘Pale Lady’.

My wife always asks me about this story and say’s it gives her the shivers. Like I said earlier, I've been back to Penrhyn Castle a number of times since that day and I haven't seen anything spooky at all or felt uncomfortable at any time. I was on the stairs that day when she would have seen the ghost and my friend was also – we didn’t see it… My only explanation for what she saw was that; her imagination was playing tricks on her, or that certain people may have a sense that enables them to see ghosts, etc… Or that she simply made it up!

However, she was a religious woman and to the best of my knowledge an honest person. My friend Dave always says his grandmother was true to her word and never stepped foot in the Penrhyn Castle again. Despite her other grandchildren asking her to take them there to show them where ‘Pale Lady’ was stood.

Edith, sadly died a few years ago.

I know live in Cambridgeshire and I have fond memories of those days out to Penrhyn Castle. Hopefully, one day I’ll get to take my grandchildren there…


Anonymous said...

we should start a ghost club... all get together every so often... love that !! robert come to the tour 31st.oct !! karen