Saturday, 25 May 2013

Ghostly lady seen in the State bedroom.

While I was out shopping in Caernarfon today I met one of the Room Stewards from Penrhyn Castle. She told me that her daughter recently visited Penrhyn and had a ghostly experience there. She was at the top of the Grand Staircase with her husband and children. As she walked through the doorway into the State bedroom she felt someone go past her. She looked back onto the landing and her husband and children were still standing there. She looked at the oak four poster bed and saw the figure of a woman. She described her as being very slim with an hourglass figure, as though she was wearing a corset. The Room steward and I both said, "Alice!" We thought that it was probably Alice Douglas Pennant.

Alice Douglas Pennant (1863-1939)

The State bedroom at Penrhyn Castle

She looked at the woman then glanced back to her husband and children who were walking into the room. When she turned back to look at the bedroom, the ghostly figure had completely disappeared.

A few minutes later, as she was walking with her 19 month old daughter along the Grand Hall Gallery, the little girl started giggling and pointing into a corner near a doorway. She put her finger to her lips and said, "Shhhh!" Her mother could not see anyone but her daughter clearly could and was interacting with them. She continued laughing and pointing until they moved away from the area towards the bedrooms in the Keep.

What a fascinating experience! I will try to get some more details about the figure in the State bedroom next time I see the room steward at the castle. I would like to find out what she was wearing and if it really could have been Alice. Watch this space...!

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Amy s said...

Funny how children can interact with them. The house next door to me was haunted as a teenage and the young daughter of a newly moved in couple came round one afternoon and told me of her new 'imaginary' friend. This friend she described exactly like the previous occupant, right down to the cat and the smell of fresh baking. When the little girl moved out she was very disappointed as her friend could not accompany her. Reading this about Alice has inspired me once again! Thank you :)