Friday, 15 November 2013

The strange incident of the bolted door!

I heard a great ghost story today at Penrhyn Castle which was told to me by a friend's son who is working part time in the tea room. He said that a couple of months ago the tea room supervisor Delyth was sitting in the dark oak panelled tea room office, which is next to the Housemaid's tower staircase. It was about 6 o'clock pm and she was working on the accounts. She left the office to go into the kitchens to get something. When she returned to the office a few minutes later the door would not open. It had been bolted from the inside! She had to get help from the duty officer to break the bolt to get into the office. Nobody was in the office. There is no access to the office from any other door. I looked at the bolt today. It was a brass bolt about 1 cm wide and 10 cm long. It would have been difficult to break it to get into the room. There was no way it could have slid into place as Delyth shut the door. It would have had to be firmly pushed into place. Very mysterious! I spoke to Cheralyn, my psychic friend. She said that it was probably the housekeeper who would have been in charge of the keys and locking the doors. I will speak to the catering staff when I am in Penrhyn next week to see if anyone has had any other similar experiences in that office.

      The broken brass door bolt receiver has been replaced with a silver coloured one.

                                          The door to the Tea room office

Please let me know if you have ever experienced anything ghostly at Penrhyn Castle. Thanks.

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