Friday, 6 December 2013

The tale of the trembling Christmas tree!

A few days ago one of our learning assistants was in the scullery next to the Victorian kitchen. She was in charge of baking some gingerbread biscuits which I had been making with a group of school children. The children had gone to see Lady Penrhyn in the Breakfast Room with the other kitchen programme assistants. She was in the scullery when she heard someone moving around in the kitchen "being busy" and went in to see who was there. She really thought that someone was in the room but the kitchen was completely empty. She walked over to the cooker when the Christmas tree started moving as though someone was shaking it! A cracker fell off one of the branches at the back of the tree and it made her jump. She said that she did not brush past the tree when she went to check on the cooker. She walked around the table and did not go past it at all, so she did not knock it and make it move. She wanted to go out of the room but she had to stay and watch the cooker until the biscuits were done.

Very strange!

The Christmas tree in the Victorian Kitchen

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