Friday, 6 December 2013

A mysterious heart on the bedroom floor!

Last week I was talking to some of the conservators at Penrhyn when they told me about something strange they had discovered that morning in the Slate Bedroom. They had rolled up the carpet the previous day ready for the windows to be taken out and painted. The furniture was covered up and everything ready for the painters to start working there. They had been on their hands and knees rolling up the carpet and had not noticed anything unusual about the floor. They went into the room that morning to check that everything was ready for the painters to start on the windows when they suddenly noticed that there was a heart on the floor!

The floorboards in the Slate Bedroom

It had not been there the previous day when they were rolling up the carpet. They were completely mystified and told me to go and look at it. I went up later with my camera to take a photograph of it. They wondered if it could be a message from someone who had lived there? I did not know what to make of it. Many strange things have been seen in that room over the years. What do you think?


Anonymous said...


Very interesting website, weldone.

There's a good book called the 'Holy Ghostbuster' by J. Aelwyn Roberts, who was the Vicar of Llandegai Church.

In the book there is a short chapter on Rosa Speed - 'The Churchyard Ghost' and a mysterious visitor called David White who visited the church a few times to see Rosa's grave.

Copies can be obtained through good book shop and eBay.

Jasons Mum said...

I have read "Holy Ghostbuster". It was a very interesting book. I especially enjoyed the story about Rosa Speed and I referred to it in one of my stories. Thanks for your comment.

Amy s said...

I know the slate bedroom wasn't her room but the photo instantly made me think of Lady Alice! :')