Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Ghostly footsteps and a mysterious rattling door!

I was at Penrhyn Castle today for a Winter talk for staff and volunteers in the Gallery. I am always interested to hear about any ghostly experiences which have happened since I was last there. Two of the Visitor Experience Assistants who are working at the castle over the winter season told me about their recent spooky encounters. One of them was upstairs in the office above the stable block last week when she heard footsteps coming along the corridor. She knew that she was the only person in the building so she was surprised to hear someone walking past the office. She said that it was definitely the sound of shoes on the quarry tiled floor but then she heard the rustling of a dress. She went into the corridor to check if anybody was there but she could not find anyone. She said that it felt very creepy!

The corridor

The other Visitor Experience Assistant said that she was working in the stable entrance a few days ago. She was wiping the tables in the Coffee Shop when she heard a rattling sound. It was coming from the door of the storeroom where the Christmas decorations are kept when not in use. The rattling stopped when she looked at the door. It sounded like someone was trying to open the door from inside the storeroom. She continued wiping the tables, wondering what could have caused the rattling noise when it started again. She felt frightened and decided to challenge whatever was doing it. She said, "Stop it! I am here on my own. You are going to frighten me!" The rattling sound stopped and did not happen again. She said that it could not have been caused by a draught as it was not a windy day and the door does not rattle in the wind.

The storeroom door

I am going to another talk in two weeks time. I wonder if I will be told any more interesting stories?


Anonymous said...

When i was last at Penrhyn Castle i was lucky enough to go on a tour of the part of the castle that has been water damaged in the past. We got to see from the top tower and other rooms on the way. At one point all the other participants on the tour had gone into another room and i stayed to look more at the room i was in. As i went to walk into the other room i heard a loud click in the corner of the room followed by loud footsteps coming from the corner towards the door.

Jasons Mum said...

Ooh! How interesting! Thanks for telling me about your experience. I have heard a few stories about people who have experienced things in those derelict rooms at the top of the Keep.

Amy s said...

Interesting how it stopped when asked, I have lived in a haunted house my entire life and my mother always said 'Just tell him to go away,' so we have named our ghost Fred and he generally leaves off his annoying when asked.