Monday, 30 June 2014

Spooky Behind the Scenes Tour

I have not been working at the castle so far this year apart from volunteering on some of the Fun Days,which is why I have not been able to add any new ghost stories since the 1st March. I was very excited to see this evening that I have had over 30,000 views on this blog and a new story from a recent visitor to the castle which I am giving its own title and space here. I hope the writer will not mind me using her story:

Hello! I replied to one of these blog posts last summer when I first visited the castle. On entering the small toilet room at the top of the grand staircase (last year) I became instantly much colder despite the general warmth of the day. Yesterday, (for the first time since then), I came to the castle and entered the same room. This time however, I felt nothing. Prior to exploring the house with my friend we went on one of the new (and fantastic) secret rooms tower tours. On walking into Lord Penrhyn's study our tour guide began to tell us of the son who died in WWI. He then moved on and I walked towards the stone placed on the desk. As I did so I shivered violently and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up - it felt as if someone was watching me despite everyone else being at the other end of the study. As we walked past the room again later on I felt similarly uncomfortable. The presence had not left. The original nursery also disturbed me slightly, though this may have purely been due to it's disrepair and the general 'haunted' quality many abandoned nurseries have, due to their associations in horror movies. I am in the process of writing an amateur historical fiction surrounding the life of Lady Alice (inspired by my trip last year.) In her room I felt nothing but both my friend and I agreed that the painting above the fireplace had an eerie feel about it. Down in the kitchens I entered one of the dark but open pantries. Stepping into it I again felt cold, a sensation of foreboding crept over me and I left swiftly, glancing nervously over my shoulder as I went. The castle is my favourite of the National Trust properties and I love the improvements in terms of attractions/tours for this year. Hope to see you soon!
28 June 2014 12:34
I hope this experience will encourage those of you with an interest in the supernatural to come on the tours. They start at 11.00am. Meet at the main entrance to the castle. Please let me know if you experience anything unusual.

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