Monday, 18 August 2014

Is there a poltergeist in the National Trust shop?

Last week I volunteered to help at a Fun Day which was held in the stables. I went to look at the new shop in the other part of the stables and had the chance to talk to the shop manager. She told me that some strange things had been happening in the shop in the servants' hall in the castle. She was on her own one day taking things from one part of the shop into the other room. She had left the door between the two rooms open so that she could easily move from one room to the other without having to open the door each time. She turned round to go back through the door with some things she had to carry into the other room,only to find that the door had been closed behind her. There was nobody else in the room who could have closed it and no draught to cause it to shut by itself.

Another day when one of the shop assistants was working in the main room of the shop, the music CD in the CD player in the book room suddenly started to play very loudly. She went into the room to see if anyone has interfered with it but there was only a man standing on the other side of the room looking at the books. He was as startled as she was by the sudden loud music! This has also happened on another occasion when a different shop assistant was in the shop. Nobody was in the room with the CD player that time. Very strange!

I am pleased to know that spooky things are still happening at the castle. I hope that anyone who has any strange experiences there will let me know so that I can record them on here.

There are going to be spooky Twilight Tours of the castle during Halloween week on the 25th, 28th, 29th 30th and 31st  October. Please book in early so that you can get a place as numbers will be limited. Tours will cost £10 per person. For £5.00 extra you will be able to try Witches Broth, Devil's Dough and a drink.There will be a Halloween Fun Day on Thursday 31st October with Castle Performers at 2pm. Book your place on the tours by telephoning the castle on 01248 353084

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