Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Ghost in the Clock Tower

The Clock Tower
Inside the clock tower
Clock tower steps
While I was working at the castle today I was told an interesting story by the manager of the railway museum and one of the engineers. David told me that they had some workmen up in the clock tower before the wooden stairs were put in a few years ago. One of them (Sean) was at the top of the tower which could only be accessed on a long aluminium ladder, which creaked and wobbled as they went up it. He was up in the top when he heard the ladder creaking and saw it wobbling so he called down to his workmate (Dewi) and asked him to bring a tool up with him which he needed for the job. When Dewi didn't appear he climbed down the ladder to find him. He was nowhere to be found so he went back up into the tower. The same thing happened again. The ladder creaked and wobbled as if someone was climbing up it. Sean shouted down to Dewi but heard no reply so went down again to find him and ask what he was playing at! When he couldn't find him he phoned to ask him what was going on. Dewi said that he was on the A-55 and would be there soon! Spooky! When I went there with a psychic friend a few weeks ago she refused to go up the clock tower. She didn't like it at all. My husband Alex and I went up but we didn't feel anything scary. Hopefully I will have some more stories to tell tomorrow.

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