Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A ghostly visitor in the tea room

The lady who phoned my husband yesterday told me a very interesting story on the phone this evening. Sharon used to work in the kitchens at Penrhyn Castle about 15 years ago. She was working in the kitchen opposite the door to the Tea Room. She had opened up and was on her own when she caught a glimpse of someone in the Tea Room behind her, standing near a glass cabinet, which had scones and cakes in it. It looked like a man wearing a black cloak. She could not see the face clearly as he seemed to be wearing a hood. She called, "I'll be there now!" and went to see who it was and what he wanted. There was nobody there. She wondered if he could have gone out into the corridor, so she went to look for him, but he was not there either. She said that if he was a visitor she would have caught up with him. She was talking to some of the other women who worked there a couple of days later, when she told them the story. They did not seem surprised and said, "Oh, so you've seen the ghost then?" After that she did not like being there on her own. She only worked there for one season.

I have asked her if she could possibly contact any of the people she knows who worked there with her, in the hope that they might have had a ghostly encounter. I will wait and see what stories they have to tell....!

Cake counter in the Tea Room

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